How to install PCSX2 PS2 Emulator and configure a Xbox 360 Controller

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Download Program From Here 

First let me start by saying that this program requires a fast ass computer  and you have to tweak the settings a lot to get everything perfect. Pictured below are the specs for my PC and I can play almost any PS2 with almost no lag I still have to tweak some games sometimes to get them just perfect.

I love this software but it has a shitload of options to tweak and a lot of things you can mess up on and a lot of things to speed up your games.All the options and freedom you get is  not really a bad thing but it’s not a good thing for users that don’t know the difference between a bite and a byte.  If and when you get a game to run and it runs slow  there are a lot of tweaks you can do to speed it up I can cover some of them by request but I won’t do that in this post.

my specs

my specs

Ok so after downloading the program and installing it and already having a game you want to play open the program.  I REPEAT DO NOT install and try to run this software unless you have a dual core CPU with at least 8 GB’s of ram because you will be wasting your time.

The first time you open its going to ask you what language you want to set the program up for.

Sorry for taking the pictures this way I had to use my phone and my dog kept messing with me. Anyways REMEMBER this SCREEN for now leave the default settings and continue. This screen will be used to configure plug ins to increase performance. So if and when I get request to write a how to speed tweak remember this screen.

This is an example of the next screen that will pop up. Yes its crazy but you must have a real PS2 to get the bios from it and then put it on your computer so this program can boot that bios. Some of you might be lost and not understand that its ok here is a hint the bios can be found online. After you find a PS2 bios save it under documents/pcsx2/bios folder which is the default setting. Once you do that hit finish. You are done installing.


Once you have your program installed this is where you go to get started on configuring your controller.

Once you have your program installed this is where you go to get started on configuring your controller.


After that hit apply and ok and you’re done. If you run into problems leave me a comment. This program requires some tweaking at times to get it to run perfect I won’t cover that unless it’s requested so leave comments if you need help with that.

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